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just thought I'd share my July 26th experience

just thought I'd share my experience with you guys...and btw, I am Mandy :)

I'm running on very little sleep, but I thought I would share with you all the glorious, most wonderful nights of my life that I had at the Flickerstick Cincinnati show last night. (this will probably be kinda long, I apologize in advance)

I will spare you mine and Chris's travel details, because they are quite boring. I will start with when the show started.

They had two opening acts, Greenwheel and Rubyhorse. Which to say the least were both amazing live bands. I preferred the Irish band Rubyhorse, they were amazing. So I ended up buying their album along with Flickerstick's. By the middle of the first band we were already sweating our asses off, it was scorching in Bogart's. By the time Flickerstick came on we were totally tired! Inbetween the opening bands, I saw Fletcher (bass player) sitting kinda half backstage off to the side. Me and my sister started to wave and as I turned away he waved back. So when I turned back around I waved again, and he smiled and waved back. So sweet!

highlights of actual performance:

-Brandin came out with sunglasses and a bottle of wine, very rock n roll

-"Sorry wrong trajectory" : Brandin looked me right in the eye and saw me singing, so it was like we were kind of singing together. Cool moment. My favorite song of the night.

-"Coke" the lead singer of Rubyhorse came out and sang with Brandin.

-Rex kept saying it was Fletcher's birthday. Which I later found out, was only a joke, it wasn't his birthday at all. It was quite funny.

-the "fuck Soulcracker" chants in the crowd

-"Fade into you" and "Direct Line to the Telepathic" nearly made me cry.

-the fact that they played "Lift" even though they said it was hard to play live.

-Brandin saying "Harlow rocks"

after the show:

I went up to buy a Rubyhorse CD and to meet the guys in the band. They were very cool and signed my CD.(where I also find out that they are partying overnight in Cinci) I turned around and couldn't find Chris (my boyfriend). Then he taps my shoulder and told me that Fletcher was down there and that he asked him how long he would be because his girlfriend (me) would be upset if I couldn't meet him too. And Fletcher told him he would be there a while and laughed at Chris.

So I proceeded to run down to the floor where Fletcher was. there was a little crowd but I got through quickly. I got up there and was shaking like mad. I said "Fletcher, you guys are great, you rock, you guys are such an amazing band" and all that babble. The look he had in his eyes when I said that was so amazing. And he saw I was shaking so he gave me a hug and apologized for being so sweaty.I told him Happy Birthday, and he told me it really wasn't his birthday and that Rex was being an ass. Chris took a picture of us together which turned out pretty ok. He signed my CD, and said thank you and I then thanked him and left.

Then Chris discovered Brandin was down there as well. So I pushed my way through to talk to him. I basically said "Brandin. your band is amazing. It's not about VH1 it's all about the music" and he said thanks. He looked me in the eye the whole time, which was cool. I can respect a guy that is going to listen when I talk to them. I told him that I wasn't just kissing ass, that I really loved the band. I took a an unposed close up of him, and he signed my CD and I left. (chris got to get autographs and meet them too) Rex wasn't down there, neither was Cory. But Dominic was, but I didn't want to push through the hoochies.

I know this all sounds silly, but it was all quite surreal to me. I have never gotten to meet someone I loved musically, and tell them how much they mean to me. They simply put on one of the best live shows I have ever seen. Rex was amazing live, he put his all into it. Hell, they all did. I took some pictures, got them back, some turned out decent. the one of me and Fletcher did as well. I can't explain to you how wonderful it was to find out how nice they were to me. And how it was so easy for Fletcher to hug me, or put his arm around me and pose for a picture....totally surreal.

Totally nice guys. Totally one of the best bands out there right now. I can't express it enough. One of the best nights of my life. I can't thank Chris enough for exchanging words with Fletcher just so I could go and meet him. I wish I could have gotten to meet Rex, but seeing him live was quite enough, he was unreal.

I will shut up now.

wonderfully surreal.

I love Fletcher and Brandin, I love this amazing rock n roll band.

I just found out that the Josh Dodes band is playing here in Dayton. I should go see them too.

hmmm...I am tired and in a very surreal state.yet so comfortably happy.
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