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LiSsY DrEaM WoRlD oF ThOuGhTs


MelKDel: guess what happened

MelKDel: to me

MelKDel: hello

MelKDel: let me tell u here

LissyAngel07: ok
MelKDel: on thursday i went to melbourne

MelKDel: to see flickerstick i went at the last minute and ely didn't go cuz she had a car accident

LissyAngel07: oh, i got invited to go see them at the college
LissyAngel07: OMG
MelKDel: whick college

LissyAngel07: they were also gonna play at a college in melborne,
LissyAngel07: byt the chick jamie we meet at the concert
LissyAngel07: that one time
MelKDel: thats the one i went too

LissyAngel07: anyways, is she ok?
MelKDel: well i went to the melbourne show
MelKDel: yeah she is ok she got a brand new car
LissyAngel07: cool
LissyAngel07: ok, go on with the story
MelKDel: well they rememebered us form the last time we saw them
LissyAngel07: OMG
MelKDel: and we hung out with them again
LissyAngel07: and what happened?
MelKDel: but this time
MelKDel: dominic wanted me and i made out with him like 10 times
LissyAngel07: OMG
LissyAngel07: LOL
MelKDel: he was all over me
LissyAngel07: and.....
MelKDel: he wanted to have sex with me
LissyAngel07: and what happened?
LissyAngel07: did you?
MelKDel: it all started we were supposed to meet htem at a bar but the one they told us to go to we went but they never showed

MelKDel: no i didnt
LissyAngel07: uhhuh
MelKDel: and theyre was another bar by the same name so we stayed there then left to the other thinking we went to the wrong one
MelKDel: so we hung out at the other bar but they werent there so we went back to the college and the bus was still there so we went up to the roadie and said where are they and he said they are coming back
MelKDel: so they finally came and we were like where were u people and they were like we were looking for u guys
LissyAngel07: did you belive them?
MelKDel: so after that me and justina were just sitting there not talking to any of them then dominic comes up
MelKDel: yeah they really liked us
MelKDel: they asked us to go
LissyAngel07: where?
MelKDel: and justina says where the hell were u we left so much beer at the bar to go look for u guys
MelKDel: to hang with them at the bar
LissyAngel07: LOL
MelKDel: and dominic says oh im so sorry and gives her a hug and a kiss and he says here take my beer and gives it to justina
MelKDel: meanwhile he was drunk so im just standing there thinking ok no one likes me lol
MelKDel: he took a glance at me then went into the bus
MelKDel: i picked up some beer that we brought and then he comes out of the bus with 2 bottles of beer
LissyAngel07: uh huh
MelKDel: then he sees i have one and he gives just gives it to someone else and then he comes str8 up to me and and stares at me
LissyAngel07: ok, finish telling, you are killing me with this story
MelKDel: and so i felt akward and introduced myself
MelKDel: and so he introduced himslef and i said i knw
MelKDel: well then he asked iwhere my bf was and i told him i dont have one and he didnt believe me he thought my friedn fletcher was my bf
MelKDel: and im like no im single
MelKDel: and he said thats good
MelKDel: so to make a long story short he was aying how hot i was and beautiful anf he kept holding me and huggung me then he told me to go with him into the bus cuz he had to pee
MelKDel: so i went and he peed and he gave me a tour of the bus then he shut the door to have some privacy and we started making out
LissyAngel07: OMG
LissyAngel07: andddd
MelKDel: and he said he wanted me so bad and he showed me his bunk
MelKDel: and showed me where he had his condoms and i told him im not sleeping with him
MelKDel: and he was cool bout it so we kept making out
MelKDel: and he was talking baby talk to me the whole time
MelKDel: he felt me up adn all that shit
LissyAngel07: ok, quick ?.......what exactly did you do......
LissyAngel07: with him
MelKDel: and then he said lets go back outside and then he made out with me in front of everyone that was there andwas grabbing my ass and
MelKDel: nothing but he invited me to the hotel and i said no sex and he said i just want o be with u tonite
LissyAngel07: lol, that would have been funny though, to loose your virginity to a rock star
MelKDel: so he was pulling me into the bus to go to the hotel but i had my car so i told him id meet him there and he was making me promise him that i would be there
MelKDel: i know
LissyAngel07: so you went
MelKDel: and i did and i made with him again and told him id be there and he said he would outside to wait for me
MelKDel: here is the problem
LissyAngel07: u didnt go
LissyAngel07: .....
LissyAngel07: ?
MelKDel: we knew the hotel they were in the night before and the opening band was still at that hotel so we went there and we waited and waited
MelKDel: they never came then we went all round melbourne to every holiday inn but we never found them we were out till 6 in the morning
LissyAngel07: so, he lied to you
MelKDel: u would think i would ask him what hotel and they said come chill wiht us at the hotel and we never thought to ask which one it was so thats it
LissyAngel07: OH shit
LissyAngel07: danm
MelKDel: no we never asked what hotel they hought we knew cuz we told them we were wating at the hotel before hand
MelKDel: so they thought we knew
MelKDel: so there ya go
LissyAngel07: aghhhhh'
LissyAngel07: danm
LissyAngel07: that sucks
MelKDel: he kisses so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LissyAngel07: LOLLLLL
LissyAngel07: danm
MelKDel: im a groupie now lol
LissyAngel07: LMAO
LissyAngel07: email me the next time you go to a show
LissyAngel07: Im am there for sho
LissyAngel07: lol
LissyAngel07: i should have gone
LissyAngel07: danm
LissyAngel07: i just didnt want to drive 3 hours
MelKDel: lol
MelKDel: oh wait
MelKDel: theres more i forgot
MelKDel: they are playing georgia on sat and they said they can put us on the list so i might go see them sat
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