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stop the madnesss

even though Izzy's mom messed up our plans...it still worked out :)

i'm not sure if i like or not....i know that i like the original one better.
it makes me kinda sad to see how they are going to be looked at.
it sounds so crisp..so glossed over...so un-'dirty-rock'
i liked when they were dirty rock...i hope they will stay that way.
the CD is amazing, Brandin's voice sounds soo good.
i just can't get over, how its so...crisp, i was listening to the first CD this morning and from listening to the new recording of Beautiful, i notced how cheap a recording the other one was. i like it that way.
i want them to be underground. i am so selfish for saying all this
Got A Feeling is so different..the whole CD is just so different...its like its not really them, just a professional band trying to be them...but they are professional now.
im not a big person on change, escpecially when i liked it how is was...thats probably why i feel this way.
i know that not everyone is going to feel this way, mostly because they havent heard the original cd.
well i have, and i like it better...but i dont 'not like' this one. i dont know...

i have no opinion yet...i am just SO happy and proud of them, their dreams have come true.
this is just the beginning...it could be the beginning of fame, the beginning of rejection. whatever it is, i know that they will always be my favorite band in the entire world and i am so proud of them.
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I don't like the new one as much. I got it early, and have had it since Friday, and can't get over how overproduced it is. They changed songs that were perfectly fine. the old versions are very well produced considering the budget they had at the time. I mean, they RUINED "Coke"...it sounds horrible. "and lie here TAKEN with my girl"??? that is one bad change.

I will continue to listen to the older one. simply because I don't like the new versions...at all.
i agree that everything is all glossed over, but we have to remember that they are local texas guys..and they are getting the chance of a lifetime to be able to re-produce these songs. im cure that they are happy with it and that's all that matters...the new version of Coke, is sooo different. i agree with how the lyrics are stupid but the reason that the release date was pushed back from 10-30 is that Epic made them change the lyrics. i bet they were pissed about it too, but i mean what are you gonna do?

we may not like the new versions, mostly because people dont like change. but they worked their asses off on this and as fans, we should be proud of them no matter what. No one is saying that we 'have to like it!'..because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. they're dreams have come true and so much more..

im not bitching you out at all..i just have mixed feelings right now on the cd. i totally respect your opinion. :)